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Digital/Portable X-ray

Services Provided:
1) Digital/Portable X-Ray

We offer X-rays (radiographs) of your horse that is both
*digital (requires no processing and is instantaneous)
*portable (we can take the equipment to your horse)
*x-rays can be emailed to you for you to archive*the only requirement is electricity!
*great for diagnosing lameness, investigating wounds,
measuring foot angles for the farrier,
checking painful areas in the neck or back,
and looking at the skull (tooth or sinus issues, etc)

2) Ultrasound (Sonogram)

This technology uses soundwaves to create an image. Most people have seen this while having a pregnancy sonogramed.

Ultrasound is used in my practice toultrasound-576x1024

-diagnose pregnancy (as early as 14-15 days)

-ultrasound wounds, abscesses, or hematomas (from trauma)

-scan tendons and ligaments for tears or swelling

-examine internal organs (lungs, liver, spleen, intestines, bladder, kidneys, etc. for disease
Ultrasound is portable and the only requirement is electricity!