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Meet Our Staff

The staff of Sulphur River Veterinary Clinic is here to make sure your animals have the best quality care!

Melody Chapman - Practice Manager

Originally from Wyoming, Melody is the Practice Manager at Sulphur River Veterinary Clinic. She started working with Dr. Fowler in 2010, helping her to bring the clinic to its current state. In 2001, she founded 41 Laboratories, LLC, a family owned and operated company that manufactures herbal-based treatments for sarcoids, melanomas, and squamous cell carcinomas in horses.

Melody resides in Midlothian, where she lives with her son, dogs, horses, and various other animals. She also has a daughter and three grandchildren. When she is not busy managing the clinic, she enjoys team roping, bird watching, and fishing.

Katelyn W - Assistant Practice Manager/Veterinary Technician.

Katelyn has been a part of the SRVC team since 2020, she has 18 years in the Veterinary Medicine field. She enjoys both large and small animal, but equine is her favorite. She has a variety of animals, big and small she loves them all.  Katelyn is the woman for the job "The Jill of all trades". She is also EIA certified and runs in house Coggins at SRVC.

Sue Cowen - Receptionist/Inventory Manager

Sue joined the SVRC team in 2022 as the Receptionist and has since then added a few more roles to her title. Before coming to the vet clinic, she mostly worked in Hospital Surgical Services. Sue spends fun times with her granddaughter, Stella. Stella’s mom, Katelyn (Sue’s daughter) also works at SRVC. Sue enjoys spending time with her dogs, Noel and Red Frog, cats Sister and Ally Maple, and horse Luna. In her spare time she likes fishing and watching football.

Jenna McFarland - Veterinary Technician

Jenna has been a part of the SRVC team since August 2021, Jenna has 5 years of Veterinary Medicine experience and is currently attending Texas A&M University - Commerce for a bachelor's in Animal Science with a concentration in Pre-Veterinarian. She loves spending her free time at her family's ranch where her goats, horses and dogs are. Jenna plans to continue her love for animal medicine by getting her Veterinarian license in the near future.

Darren Beal - Equine Veterinary Technician

Darren joined SRVC in July of 2023. He was a part of his high school’s Vet-Med team for 4 years, where he found his love for the breeding side of equine veterinary medicine. He worked on show calf operation for 3 years, where he was placed in charge of calving cows. He has been showing cattle for a total of 9 years. Currently, he is planning to study Bovine Embryology next fall at Oklahoma State University. When he isn’t at SRVC, you can find him at Beal Cattle Company, working alongside his favorite animals.

Savannah Seeley - Technician Assistant

Savannah became part of the SRVC team in the fall of 2023. She graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife and Conservation Management at Texas A&M University - Commerce. She has a fondness for reptiles as well as furry critters and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Savannah is working towards going to graduate school. When she has free time, she loves fossil hunting around Hunt County and watching her dogs play together at the park.

Corie Reeves - Technician Assistant

Corie joined the SRVC team in the summer of 2022, where she fell in love with caring for small animals. Corie has since then been learning from the other technicians; she hopes to get a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Biomedical Technology at Texas A&M University- Commerce in the near future. She likes to spend time with her family, as well as listening to music and reading books.