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We offer Equine Emergency care when Dr. Fowler is available.  For Small Animal Emergencies, please Call Lake Ray Hubbard 24 hour Emergency Clinic.

When to call the vet…  I consider these emergencies:

Visiting with a client about medication use

  • Deep wounds of the body or neck
  • Small or large wounds of the legs
  • Change in gait (even slight); refusing to walk, walking “drunk”
  • Laying down more than normal
  • Not wanting to eat or slow to eat
  • Discharge coming from the nose (mucous, feed, grass, snot, foam, blood, etc)
  • Non-weight bearing lameness
  • Squinting and tearing of one or both eyes
  • Change in mentation (dull, sleepy, hyper-excitable)
  • Diarrhea
  • Vaginal discharge in a mare
  • Difficulty breathing

Performing a colic exam